URBINCO introduces new Design Suite that allows customers to choose their finishes

When you purchase a new home, there is often a period of transition where it goes from being a property you own, to ‘your home’. To clarify, we are not talking about the legal transition of ownership or moving all your worldly possessions in, but rather the feeling that this is your home base, your safe space, your domain.

For some, making their new home ‘their own’ begins even before the build is complete. One advantage to purchasing a pre-construction new build home is that some developers will allow you to make modifications to the layout as well as customize the colors and finishes.

For those with a creative flare or eye for design, choosing the colors and finishes for their new home is a very important process in making it theirs. The colors and accents one uses can have a tremendous effect on setting the mood and vibe of the space. Choosing finishes that appeal to your taste and vision can be tremendously rewarding for some. While others opt to entrust those decisions to seasoned interior designers.

URBINCO provides three options for pre-construction home buyers. For those wanting to leave the interior design to the pros, URBINCO has an industry leading team of interior designers who will take care of all the proverbial heavy lifting.

For those wanting more customization, URBINCO has developed an online Design Suite featuring a curated collection of finishes and palettes preselected by our design team. The Design Suite enables pre-construction home buyers to view available palettes and finishes, make their selection and begin the journey of making their new home their own.

“We are really excited to launch our online Design Suite! We already provide these design services to our clients in-person. However, some clients prefer to complete this process in a different manner."

"As such, we simply made it more convenient by bringing it online."

"It really comes down to our mantra, being "distinctively different" - and that’s what you can expect when purchasing a home from URBINCO”

Vince Prochilo - EVP of Construction

When you visit the URBINCO Design Suite, the first section you see features three design palettes, Solid One, Solid Two and Solid Three. The three palettes have been carefully curated by URBINCO’s team of interior designers. The selections are ideal for new homeowners who have a rough idea of the look they want but don’t want to pick and choose every single finish on their own.

As we scroll further down the page we see the second portion of the Design Suite featuring our full catalog of available finishes, which have again been hand selected by URBINCO’s interior designers. For those wanting additional creative control, this section is where the fun begins.

Once you close a pre-construction home with URBINCO, the team will direct you to URBINCO’s Design Suite so you can decide whether you want to select from one of the curated palettes or customize further by selecting from each of the individual finishes available in the suite.

For custom selections, you simply check the finishes you wish to use, fill in your details at the bottom of the page and hit submit. Then one of URBINCO’s interior designers will get in touch to discuss your choices, answer any questions and help finalize your selection.

URBINCO is constantly striving to increase customer satisfaction and improve the process of purchasing a new build home. The Design Suite is just one of the many assets URBINCO has developed to further enhance customer satisfaction.

Are you searching for a pre-construction home? URBINCO has several projects currently under development. Have a look at URBINCO’s The Roseland and The Alderwood properties if you are interested in west end living. For those interested in a slightly more central location, take a look at Off of Dundas located in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood.